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3/19/12 03:19 pm - as the sun goes down

I've had a horrendous cold the last few days. I'm feeling so much better today though. I think I'm going to Red Robin w Jeremy for dinner. I'm excited to get out of the house after staying in bed for days. Nuggets game on Thursday was so fun. 4th row, seats 6&7. We lost to OKC but it was still a great time. Cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, being productive.

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2/15/12 01:54 am - preach

Like my grandma always used to say, "Why be mean when you could just be nice"

2/13/12 07:16 pm - 118.

I will always be there for you. For him.

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2/3/12 08:43 pm

Curled up in bed w Nebula Jo. I have an awful sore throat and a fever. It's snowed 4 inches since last night. I'm glad I went out to the store early. The Big Lebowski, apple cinnamon tea and chicken noodle soup

1/25/12 02:05 am

Kansas tomorrow and again in May. Seattle in August. I didn't want to have to wait a year to go back, but that's how it's ending up to be. I wish I was tired. I wish I owned Space Jam.

1/24/12 10:51 pm

Tapping the rockies in the rockies

1/21/12 03:10 am - bones muhroni

Outdated. I forget about lj. I have to admit tumblr is my main squeeze. I took that apartment. I've been in Colorado since November 4th and I'm completely in love. Washington will always be home but I can't imagine living anywhere but here. The friendships I've formed, the amazing people I've met, the laughs I've had. I don't think I've ever been this happy. I can't wait for my vacation on Wednesday, I can't wait. A random message from a random person from my past made me home sick. I miss Seattle, the Sonics and sports forums.

10/9/11 02:17 am

1000+ sq feet 2 bedroom basement apartment w full bath all utilities (plus cable & high speed) for 400$ a month, no deposit required, dogs allowed, no lease. Thanks uncle for knowing such awesome people w awesome houses. vacation tomorrow.. it's not really needed seeing that I adore my job and I'm having the best time w grandma. Seeing B&B tomorrow.. I missed my boys.

10/6/11 12:30 pm

Whores will be whores. Hate me til you die. You'll always be fat and hideous, inside and out.

6/8/11 12:01 pm

"kudos on that cute boy." not officially mine but I'll take it. it has to be different. how did I get so mixed up in those lazy, passive aggressive boys who just skate through life? he's got life by the balls
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